I’m not actually sure about the topic here much since it’s not going to be a professional critic, nor a full award prediction. I guess the story will just be the movies I’ve watched this year that I think it’s memorable and deserve some recognition.

  1. Parasite
    Well, let’s start with this one. I’m quite certain that if anyone did watch the movie, you must have that awkward feeling after you left the cinema. I was one of those who had actually read some reviews before I watched it, yet the movie still surprised me in almost every scene. The screenplay writing was brilliant and the plot showed us something we should consider changing to our society. Nevertheless, I’m still not sure it’ll reach high enough to the Best Picture of the Oscars stage. I’d say the highest award for Parasite would be Best Foreign Language Film.
  2. Once Upon A Time in Hollywood
    The 9th film by my favourite director, Quentin Tarantino. The movie based on a true story of Hollywood in 1950s. For those who are not Quentin’s fan and didn’t know the story before might be a bit confused about what he wanted to tell. But for me, this is one of the best of his works. I’m pretty sure this will be one of the Best Picture nominees of the Oscars but I still don’t think it’ll win. However, I’m 100% supporting Brad Pitt for Best Supporting Actor. This might be a bit bias since I’m forever his fan but anyway, I think he showed us something different this year and after 2 times nominated for his performing, I believe he deserves this one.
  3. Ford V Ferrari
    Among all the movies I’ve watched this year, this is the best one. I’m so surprised by how this movie is not talk of the town. The story is actually about a car racer, Ken Miles with Le Mans, car racing program in the background. There were thrills, drama, comedy and all that jazz in one movie. I hopefully they nominated this one for Best Picture but I don’t know… I don’t see its name in the Golden Globes list. And from all the actors that people are in love within the movie this year, I’m truly all for Christian Bale. I don’t see anyone did better work here.
  4. Marriage Story
    I’ve once said that this workpiece is overrated. And by that, I meant it could have done better. Though I cried with Adam Driver while he was reading that letter at the very end, I still expected some scenes to be more realistic here in terms of the performing. Anyway, the movie is on my list because it’s one of the most memorable 2019 movies. I think the best part of it was the screenplay writing. I’d been through a parents situation like that before and I’m telling you now that what they showed us here is exceptional. And although I’m not a fan of Adam, I’m still leaning toward him better than Joaquin Phoenix for Best Actor.
  5. The Two Popes
    Clicking the Play button without knowing any background history of this. The movie has nothing to be excited for, yet I couldn’t stop watching it and went through the entire 2 hours non-stop. I’ve learnt a lot seriously watching this for I have 0 knowledge about Catholic and everything somehow flew very smoothly. I bet this one will be in the list of Best Adapted Screenplay nominees. I’m not sure though if it’ll win since The Marriage did this part remarkably well.
  6. The Irishman
    How can I skip this one, right? I’d been looking forward to this movie months before it’s available on Netflix. Once I saw the name of all 3 actors and Scorsese, I flagged this movie must be phenomenal. The Irishman draws on the true story of Frank Sheeran, a notorious hitman in 1970s. And just like those mafia movies, this one was narrated along the way by the main character, Robert De Niro. The movie was almost 4 hours but none of those hours was boring. I’m sure Scorsese will be in the list of Best Director nominees. I hope he wins the second Oscars here. And although De Niro is the main guy of the story, Al Pacino was very stand out and don’t underestimate Joe Pesci. I’m very glad Golden globes recognise their performance.

I guess that’s it for 2019. There were a lot more movies I’ve watched and a lot more movies that were very good and well made. I wish I had more time to dwell in those excellent written screenplays. I hope I can finish all the nominated Oscars movies and come back with an article : )